Frequently Asked Questions


What is a cat cafe?
Part cafe, part adoption center – a cat cafe brings a homey vibe (and delicious tea and local coffee/baked goods) to a group of rescued cats who just want to be pet or played with. (And maybe convince you to take them home with you in the process.)

Where are the cats from?
We’re excited to play host to adoptable cats from the Columbus Humane, which has been advancing Animal Welfare since 1883.

How many cats do you have?
At any one time, we have about a dozen cats roaming the café. Since an Eat, Purr, Love cat is adopted, on average, every two days, it’s a constantly rotating group. Each cat is carefully chosen based on its temperament around people and other cats. To keep the kitties from becoming stressed, there are human-free zones and mandated “cat nap” times.

Why come to a cat café?
Outside of the obvious fun factor, Eat, Purr, Love brings lots of other benefits, too. If you’re looking to adopt, a cat café provides a relaxing and home-like environment in which to meet some new options. Maybe you love cats but can’t have them in your home (due to a family member’s allergies, etc.). We bring cat lovers and lovable cats together.

Why is there a cover fee?
Our $10.75/hour cover charge allows us to provide a cozy environment and a unique experience for cat lovers while sustaining a stimulating and comfortable home for lovable homeless cats until they are adopted. A $6/hour cover charge applies for children 5 and under.

Are kids allowed?
You betcha!  We love inspiring the next generation of cat lovers.  To keep everyone safe and happy, children must be accompanied by an adult.  Young children MUST BE MONITORED BY THAT ADULT AT ALL TIMES. For real.  Running and yelling scares the cats and is very disruptive to our other guests; so that’s a hard no.  It is our goal to maintain a quiet and calm environment at Eat, Purr, Love Cat Café, so just remember that cat cafes are NOT play cafes. 

How can I get involved?
We aren’t hiring at this time, but you can support us by liking our Facebook page and following us on Instagram and Twitter. If you’d like to volunteer with Columbus Humane (and maybe even meet some cats prior to their Cat Cafe debuts!), we’d love to hear from you. Please visit: for further details on volunteering with Columbus Humane.

How are you able to serve food with cats in the building?
We feature baked goods from Pattycake Vegan Bakery and all food is prepared and prepackaged at their facility. Food can be purchased and brought into the “cat lounge.”  You can also bring your own food and beverages into the lounge (but please remember, no sharing with the cats—even if they beg).

Can I bring my own cat to the cafe?
Nope.  Your cat will not share the same enthusiasm you have for coming to a cat cafe.  But, you can purchase super fun toys for your cat at the café and spoil him when you get home.

Why aren’t there kittens at the café?
We love kittens (duh), but luckily, they get adopted quickly. We focus on adult cats to make sure they get plenty of love and support, too.