The café is always awesome, but these exclusive events take our awesome to a whole new level.  Be sure to reserve your spot right meow or you may miss the opportunity. All events have a capacity limit and tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis.


Yoga + Cats

Yoga + Cats is a super fun yoga class where you can move through an all-levels vinyasa flow while sharing space with our café cats! Will you be the lucky person who gets stuck in downward dog while a kitty lays on your mat?

For class availability and sign up, click here.


Purrs & Palettes

Painting with cats! This is an all ages and artistic levels paint night event with guided instructions to paint a cat themed canvas in our cat lounge. “Dry time” is spent mingling with the cats in the space.

For class availability and sign up, click here.

kids and kitties.jpg

Kids & Kitties: Story Time

Kids & Kitties: Story Time takes place on the last Thursday of every month from 10AM-11AM where we reserve our space just for families. We will read a few cat themed stories and spend the rest of the time relaxing with our kitties.

Kids can be signed up here.

Adults can be signed up here.

movie night.jpg

Movie Night

We’re talking cats and movies here, people. Tickets for this event give you special access to cozy up with our kitties for 2 hours while we screen a cat themed film.

For class availability and sign up, click here.